Radiohead Auction Off ‘Kid A’ Guitar For Cancer

Radiohead are selling the guitar used to create the most important album of the new millennium, according to pretty much everyone.

Kid A topped end-of-the-decade lists across the board, scoring coveted No. 1 rankings from The Times, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone among others. Now you can own a piece of history by purchasing the Fender Telecaster used by guitarist Ed O’Brien during the sessions for Kid A and 2001’s Amnesiac, which was recorded at the same time. All profits will be donated to a trust set up to benefit four-year-old Billie Bainbridge, who has brain cancer. You can bid on it here.

The guitar is signed by all five members and even has Thom Yorke and Colin Greenwood scribbling their names with versions of smiley faces, which is rare indeed because we all know the members of Radiohead do not ever smile. If you haven’t heard Kid A – that’s straight to the sin bin for you – here’s one of our favourite songs from the album, acoustic style.

via P4K