R Kelly Twitter Q&A Ends In Hilarity, So Many Urination Jokes

In a poorly thought out marketing exercise called #AskRKelly, our favourite baked goods devouring R&B god with an honours degree in the show-to-hotel-room party progression, R Kelly, promoted the impending release of his new album Black Panties overnight by getting online and imploring anyone with a Twitter account to ask him questions.

A phenomenally terrible idea from R Kelly’s point of view because even if some point in the future he happens to discover a talking unicorn named Dave, save a dozen kittens and Jennifer Lawrence from a building fire, poop out The Great American Novel, and force the Academy Awards to create a new category for Excellence In Online Hip Hopera Videos, the internet will never forget that he urinated on a minor that one time and that it wasn’t very cool. And instead of deciding to #AskRKelly anything serious just make icky jokes about urination and dating people in middle school.

And that’s exactly what they did.

It’s enough to make you want to trap yourself in the internet closet.