Purple Diary

Not content with ruling just print publishing, Purple Editor Olivier Zahm has ventured into the blogosphere wilderness via the refreshingly candid Purple Diary.

Unsurprisingly Purple regulars Monsieur Andre, Terrence Koh, Terry Richardson and Dash Snow all make appearances with behind the scenes videos of shoots, social snaps, and hotel room debauchery creating what I suspect to be an accurate representation of Olivier Zahm’s life. Smug bastard. I’d be smug too if my job entailed going to parties, hanging out front row at fashion week and shooting Lou Doillon in the nude.

Natasa V shot by Terry Richardson for Purple Fashion magazine #11 working it overtime.

Purple #11 from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

AA Bronson shot by Dash Snow for Purple Fashion #11

Purple #11 from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.