PSY Has A New Song, And It Is Absolutely, 100%, Batshit Nuts

Look, we all had a lot of fun with Gangnam Style. We did. It was a great few months.

But now PSY has a new album dropping literally today – entitled Chiljib PSY-Da, or “PSY 7th Album” out here – and with it comes the brand new single “Daddy.”
And it has a video, too.
Both are completely, well and truly, absolutely, certified bonkers.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
Just to recap exactly what’s going on there…
  • The song’s hook is PSY bragging about how he inherited his trademark physique from his father.
  • The video features PSY’s head superimposed onto the body of child.
  • PSY child goes about school getting sexy on fellow students and teachers alike.
  • PSY also dons makeup and a fake golden grill to play a version of his father.
  • PSY Daddy also gets sexy on a bunch of things.
  • Also PSY has a wispy moustache doing some sort of ballet.
  • I have no earthly idea what the living fuck just happened.
If your brains haven’t totally melted after watching that, PSY’s new album is available on iTunes right now.