PS22 Hook Up With Common And Queen Latifah

Are we sick of the angel-voiced meme factory known as Staten Island’s PS22 Chorus yet? Not quite? Good, because even though Teacher Dude reeks of smugness AND rocks a Cocaine dealer ponytail I could listen to their majestic little voices all day long. Like most, my elation slowly morphs into feeling old and inadequate but unless there’s a Parkour Puppy video we’re currently unaware of, there’s no one-two punch of “aww shucks” cuteness and “”aaaww shiiiieeettt” technical ability more devastating.

And now, following their collaboration with Passion Pit front man Michael Angelakos, the choir’s latest brush with fame is musicians-slash-actors Common and Queen Latifah who met up with the precious choral cherubs in MSR Studios in Manhattan. In the video below the kids meet Common and Queen Latifah, freak out, run through the latter’s “Champion”, then receive a celebrity pep talk on working hard and being awesome. Racial diversity? New York? Singing? Enthusiastic teacher? Uplifting something or other? Yep, this has inspiring, true-life made for TV movie special written all over it. Let’s make it happen guys.

Via Best week Ever