Premiere: Sally Seltmann Video “Dream About Changing”

Sally Seltmann, the artist formerly known as New Buffalo, or, if you had functioning hearing in 2007, the co-writer of Feist’s iPod-approved brain penetrator “1234”, is demonstratively capable of crafting luminous pop music. In Heart That’s Pounding, Seltmann’s third studio album and the first under her own name, the spirited, cartwheeling jams she only hinted at as New Buffalo metamorphosize into rapturous, unbridled pop songs that never sacrifice wit for accessibility.

The best of the bunch is “Dream About Changing”, a rollicking piano-lead number that’s just as dreamy as the title might impliy. The accompanying Krozm-Directed music video (world premiere below) features some Astro Turf/Ewok humanoids and dinosaur egg symbolism and it’s totally charming. Watch below…