Premiere: Client Liaison Bros Have Re-Worked Kimbra’s ‘90s Music’

When you think of music artists with strong personal brand game… Kimbra and Client Liaison. Both acts are front and centre with chill 90s and 80s vibes, respectively, which perfectly compliment their immense musical gifts. 

The premiere of Kimbra’s ‘90s Musicofficial videoICYMI – was but the beginning of her 90s Onslaught, with a remix EP imminent. The tracklisting already features musical friends like DJ Shadow and M-Phazes and, as of right now, Client Liaison with their very own re-working. 

Kimbra said of working with the boys:
I only discovered Client Liaison recently and was drawn in by their super lush sound world and melodic creativity – I was stoked when they wanted to jump in on 90s Music. It’s really cool to how they’ve re-imagined the song – there’s a new kind of nostalgia in this that takes cues from the original sentiment but really reinvents the idea. I’m totally seeing a video with mountains and hair in the wind too. Rad.

Elsewhere, the boys said of the ‘remix’:
There was a calculated effort to side step the traditional notions of what constitutes a remix. It seems we tend to treat remixing as the ‘sampling’ of a song, which allows for a entirely uninhibited work flow – this we like.

Memories of a memory. Dreaming while awake. Nostalgia as the departure point for future creation. Making exactly what you’re imagining. As Kimbra drives the streets vibing on 90’s beats and lost lovers, we look to the VHS section of our video store days and say: “There’s no need to hold the world upon your shoulders, our melody, it’s history unfolding for us. You be my Sharon Stone, I’ll be your Michael Douglas, and we can make this basic instinct what we always wanted.”

The resulting song is, in a word, .

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