Aussie Metalcore Band Polaris Calls Out “Abhorrent” Homophobic Behaviour After Sydney Show


Sydney metalcore band Polaris have taken to Twitter to call out homophobic behaviour following their show at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre last night.

The band, who are currently touring the country on their sold-out The Death Of Me tour, took to Twitter to condemn the behaviour.

“This is abhorrent,” the four-part Twitter thread began.

The statement comes after local musician Brendan Maclean asserted that a handful of fans wearing Polaris merch “spat on” a number of drag queens celebrate Mardi Gras at a nearby bar.

Within an hour of Maclean’s tweet being posted, the band released a statement urging these “fans” not to go to their shows or wear their merch because they “are not welcome where [they] play.”

Polaris used the ordeal to urge fans to be respectful and inclusive of everyone, asserting they’ve got “nothing but love for the queer community.”

Wear your colours, wear your glitter and don’t let anyone take this weekend from you. Wishing you all a safe and happy mardi gras,” they concluded the thread. 

Brendan promptly replied, thanking the band for taking immediate and appropriate action.

Even in the midst of a fully sold-out Australian tour off the back of their latest album release, the band managed to not only handle the situation, but use it as an opportunity to educate the rest of their fanbase (and the wider music community) on the importance of inclusivity and respect.
Polaris are the LGBTQI+ allies we need in 2020. All hail the kings of music.