Please Remain Calm, But The New Robyn Single Leaked Online

It’s been eight years since Robyn graced us with the sheer greatness – potentially the best pop song in existence (??) – that was Dancing On My Own and we’ve been waiting with bated breath for another blessing from our perfect goddess.

[jwplayer 1MUiOSjB]

Merely four days before her new single Missing U was meant to be with us, IT BLOODY LEAKED.

Praises be unto whatever powerful diety allowed the planets to align and the moon to turn blood red and the Mercury retrograde to shift into full gear, because holy fuck this track is a BOP and we are 100% not worthy of Robyn’s pure, unadulterated power.

My friends, it’s a bop. It certifiably whips sack. It’s a god damn Friday afternoon big-ass banger and holy shit you all just need to let me get out of the way so you can play it on repeat and get ready for the weekend.

Here she is, we are so lucky and also extremely undeserving.

Naturally, the Internet has also lost its mind entirely about the Robyn leak, so please enjoy some of my personal favourite tweets celebrating the sneaky drop.

Happy Friday, angels. :*