Bless Your Earholes & Hang On To Summer With This Playlist By The Jezabels

I know it’s hard to accept, folks, but it’s an inevitability. With the passing of time, the rising and setting of the sun, each day brings us further away from the sweet, crisp heat of summer. Europe may be preparing to revel in the sunshine, but here in Australia we’re begrudgingly bracing ourself for a rainy winter.

Look, we understand. It’s hard to let go – which is why we’re doing everything we can to grasp ahold of those remaining summer tendrils and yank ’em back into our lives.

So too are Aussie faves The Jezabels, who’ve teamed up with Corona to knock together a seriously fire playlist to keep you in that summery mood for as long as possible – an endless summer, some might say (ahem).

Seriously though, these are some red hot tunes – from classics like Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer to more recent bangers like DMA’s Tape Deck Sick, there’s a hell of a lot of variety with enough spice to keep you feeling that heat.

If you’re feeling the sounds and wanna bless your soul with a little more tuneage, you can actually check out The Jezabels as they embark on a 20-show tour for the first time in AGES. Have a peep of the dates and venues HERE so you can go along and cling to the summer feels.