Play As Kurt Cobain In Guitar Hero 5

Wow did Guitar Hero just go there? Yes. Yes they did.

In what we’ll call a legitimate grave turner the makers of Guitar Hero have announced that Kurt Cobain the dearly departed Nirvana frontman, 90’s icon and Grunge pinup boy will be a playable character in their latest installment – Guitar Hero 5.

Despite the absence of a functional Ouija Board or Sixth Sense (we’re working on that so we can talk to 2Pac and find out what really happened) considering Cobain once said “The worst crime is faking it” we can assume how he’d would feel about pre-teens rocking out to his pixelated visage.

Still we’re kind of conflicted because A) It would be awesome to pull on some plaid and strum through “Lithium” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and B) We air guitar to Nirvana’s back catalogue anyway so this would be the next logical and immensely gratifying step. Check out the videos below including another playable character Muse frontman, warbler and certified shredder Matt Bellamy. Smells like “shifting units” spirit.

Via Stereogum