You might think that the only path to speaking at the UN is dedicating your life to humanitarian causes or achieving some level of expertise in world politics, global conflict, ecological disasters, disease management, or trade agreements, but it turns out there is another way: dropping club bangers.

Of all the things that you might anticipate that Pitbull could do, he has somehow managed to attain the one at the very bottom of the list, with Mr Worldwide himself scheduled to address the UN in just a few days’ time, on World Water Day.

The rapper, primarily known for listing the names of places over the top of inoffensively danceable beats, will appear before the UN on March 22 to receive the 2018 World Water Champion Award. He’s being recognised for his work as an ambassador for Clean Water Here, an “ongoing initiative to promote the need for safe drinking water in the United States and abroad by raising awareness, supporting research and education, and advocating for underserved communities“.

The idea of Pitbull speaking at the UN might sound funny (let’s be real: it is funny), but the issues are real, with the populations of towns in the US like Flint, Michigan left unable to safely drink, cook with, clean with, or bathe with tap water since early 2017 thanks to lead contamination.

Pitbull has a bit of a history of being a champ – late last year he lent out his private plane to help ferry cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the US so that they could receive chemotherapy in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

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Image: Getty Images / Isaac Brekken