Pink, Helping Australian Lesbians Propose To Each Other Since 2013

Seeing as the Australian currency vacuum known as Pink is currently on day 137 of her decade-long victory parade through every municipality in Convict Island it’s not particularly surprising that the most bankable solo recording artist in Australia for reasons unknown to science or to anyone has brought some levity to the throes of touring by helping her fans propose to each other.

But not just any fans, no, fans who through no fault of their own/deficiency in the nature of their relationship are unable to legally wed because marriage between a man and a woman is an immovable foundation of Australian society that should never, ever be tampered with. What are you going to do? Move to New Zealand?

The singer performed at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Wednesday night when she invited a woman named Shirley to join her on stage after which she locked eyes with Shirley’s girlfriend, Courtney, and said, “Where is she? Hey Courtney – will you marry Shirley?”

Aww. So many good feels. And yet mid-set proposal delivered by a Grammy-winning recording artist may have been the second most significant thing to have happened at the Pink concert that night.