Pharrell makes/made Madonna cry

Skateboard P’s words bring Madonna to tears.

‘He made me cry. I’ve never told that to anybody! You know when you get angry with someone and you start spitting snot?’ Madonna said during an interview in Cannes this week.

‘I was in a sensitive mood, I was singing and I didn’t understand the rhythm that he wanted me to sing in, and he was kind of giving me a hard time and I was sort of taken aback by the way he was talking to me, so I said ‘You know what? we need to talk”, she said ‘So we went upstairs and I’m like †You can’t talk to me that way!’ and then I just burst into tears and he was like †Oh my god, Madonna has a heart!’, and I was like †What?!’ and I started crying even more, and we had it out.”

So Madonna has a heart, but I don’t understand the gear about spitting snot? Sounds pretty wack to me.

What does spitting snot mean? 

Is it like when you put your finger on one nostril and then blow your nose?

Does thinking of Madonna ‘spitting snot’ make you happy or sad?

Is Pharrell a jerk?

Do you think Pharrell and Madonna made out after their tiff, kinda like when Madonna kissed Britney?

Photo: Christopher Polk via Getty