According to Reuters UK Pete Doherty was recently fined for walking into a court with heroin in his pocket. And though walking into court with Heroin in your pocket is batshit crazy it’s one of those rare moments that manages to be incomprehensible and unsurprising at the same time. I mean court is the last place you bring your Heroin right? But then Pete Doherty is the kind of person who would totally bring Heroin to court. Keys, wallet, phone, cigarettes, heroin…that kind of thing.

Regardless of his thought process, at this point you’ve got to question whether Pete Doherty is a real human being. Is it possible, you might ask, that the Babyshambles frontman is an android sent from the future? His sole mission – to terminate braincells and logic. It’s pretty crazy stuff but still not as ridiculous as walking into Heroin with Court in your pocket.