Pete Doherty Arrested Over Heiress Death

Pete Doherty has been arrested in connection to the death of Robyn Whitehead – a 27 year old filmmaker and heiress to the Goldsmith fortune who overdosed on a reported mix of heroin, crack cocaine and Valium in January of this year.

According to a report in British tabloid The Sun, Whitehead had filmed Doherty and others taking heroin and crack at the East London flat where her body was discovered; and it is alleged that Pete had left his stash of drugs with Whitehead at the apartment on the day she died.

Whitehead was a close friend of Doherty’s and around the time of her death was in the process of completing the film The Road To Albion – a documentary about Doherty’s former band The Libertines, which followed Pete and bandmate Carl Barat through the ill-fated band’s rise and fall.

Trailer below:

This is yet another unfortunate reminder of the two sides of Pete Doherty: the charismatic genius versus the poisonous fuck up.

Doherty’s best mate Peter Wolfe (who is credited with introducing Pete to crack and heroin- winner) as well as Gill Samworth – the owner of the apartment where Robyn Whitehead’s body was discovered – have been arrested on suspicion of attempting to pervert justice.

Via The Sun