Whirlwind couple Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande continue to be the cutest, with the singer taking to social media overnight to post a video of her fiance reeling off his favourite songs from her upcoming album.

I mean, when your significant other makes music or some other kind of creative project, you’re kind of obliged to say it’s good just to support them, but to be honest, I get the feeling that Pete is just as pumped for Sweetener as the rest of the world.

In the brief black and white video, Ari can be heard giggling in the background as Pete reels off his top five Sweetener songs, and the one that’s actually named after him isn’t even number one. So which tracks has he been enjoying?

“‘God Is A Woman’ cuz that shit fucks hard, seriously, that shit bangs … it slaps hard dude … That and then my song, which is called Pete, which is pretty sick, cuz that’s me, then R.E.M, then I’d go sweetener cuz it’s very happy and fun, and Better Off cuz it’s sick … but they’re all sick.”

I’m pretty jealous that Pete Davidson got to hear Sweetener ahead of time, but I guess it makes sense in that these two are joined at the hip now. If you need me, I’ll be over here counting down the days til August 17, when it finally arrives. In the meantime, enjoy:

Image: Getty Images / Robert Kamau