People Are Accusing The New Kylie Minogue Single Of Ripping Off Delta Goodrem’s Arcade Fire Ripoff

Kylie Minogue’s buoyant new comeback single “Into The Blue” leaked online overnight. But instead of a polite conversation about how far her skills as an actor have evolved from Street Fighter to Holy Motors, fans are getting their lamé gold hotpants in a twist because its Big Cathartic Hook is slightly similar to that of Delta Goodrem’s “Sitting On Top Of The World”, itself a water damaged facsimile of the Arcade Fire single “Rebellion (Lies)”, so, you know, STFU Delta Goodrem fans. 

According to, fans of the 29 year old “Born To Try” singer Minogue recently relegated to The Voice Australia’s kid’s table point to the “post-chorus hooks – Kylie’s ‘Into the bluuuue’ and Delta’s ‘Now I’m with youuuu’” as a flagrantly lifted vocal melody. To which we advise those in glass houses to not throw stones lest that stone strike a window pane and they be forced to backtrack and pretend they’ve never heard of the Arcade Fire before. 
Compare below…
Kylie Minogue – “Into The Blue”
Delta Goodrem – “Sitting On Top Of The World”

Arcade Fire – “Rebellion (Lies)”