Peking Duk Take On Hottest 100 In VHS Video

At this point in time, it is a given that there is very little that EDM-bros Peking Duk can’t do. Between getting Karl Stefanovic to introduce their set at Stereosonic, and having an awful lot to do with Future Music Festival booking Darude, these guys were already headed straight to the pool room before today’s gem.

In exhibit A, above, we see the boys making a home video in which they replace The Hottest 100 with actual chillies, because there’s nothing like a literal joke on Boxing Day. Throw in some famous friends (Dutin Tebbutt and Kite String Tangle among them) and some cheesy backing music and you have yourselves the making of something legendary/terrifying. All shot in what appears to be glorious VHS quality. Hooray for Australia. 
Go on, sling ’em a vote. They’re clearly dedicated.
Photo via Getty Images/Mark Metcalfe