Peking Duk Release Sweaty, Glorious Mess Of A Mini-Movie After World Tour

If y’all ever wondered what it’s like to go on tour, get sweaty AF, pull some stupid shit, play to crowds of thousands, and do something that looks kinda suss in a bathroom (????? – 1:54, Adam Hyde explain yourself. Or don’t, we’re not ya’ mum.), then here is the ‘living vicariously through others’ version. 

Director James Winterhalter ran ’round with the Peking Duk boys on a tour of the world in a kind of modern-day coming-of-age tale. Who am I? What music am I? Why must I be confined to these genres so people may label me and find me easy to digest when I am nothing but? Halp.

Anyway, here they are, super sweaty, channeling their inner larrikins (and exterior, tbqh). Live your ‘on tour’ fantasies through Peking Duk.

As the great Karl Stefanovic would say, are you ready to get Peking Duk’d?


HALIFAX 2 BOGOTA – a minimovie directed by Winterhalter

Posted by Peking Duk on Wednesday, 9 December 2015