Peep Aussie Spunks Flume & Vance Joy In Charli XCX’s New Vid, ‘Boys’

Best Girl Ever Charli XCX has dropped the clip for her extremely sweet track, ‘Boys’ and I didn’t realise I wanted to see about 50 very attractive men doing unmentionably adorable things until right this very moment.

It’s like she’s reached into my dreams, coated everything in a layer of sugar, added puppies, and made it a video. 
More importantly, this video challenges the male gaze that is a very classic music vid trope – instead putting a shitload of male celebs in pinks and cute situations, got them to flex their muscles or drink milk seductively. I’m into it. I’m very into it.
We’ve got: 
Diplo, shirtless, in a literal pile of puppies,
Panic! At The Disco‘s Brendon Urie in a very American Beauty rose petal scene,
ya good boy Flume reading a book titled ‘GIRLS’, 
Vance Joy
 trying his damned hardest trying to eat chocolate and smize at the same time,
Frank Carter of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes also shirtless, with candles on his fingertips,
Joe Jonas surrounded by stacks of pancakes with a milk moustache,
Mark Ronson and Ezra Koenig going through their morning routines,
Mac DeMarco literally licking a guitar, Charlie Puth getting all sudsy washing a car,
Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon just lounging around (shirtless),
Tiny Tempah looking suave as hell (and with a puppy),
Tom Daley is just standing there looking IMPOSSIBLY cute, and
Wiz Khalifa and TY Dolla $ign chucking pink money everywhere. 
That’s not even all of them. Lordy.
Please send me directly to Horny Jail for watching this video five times in the last half hour. Lock me up and throw away the key.
Photo: YouTube / Charli XCX.