Pedestrian’s Musical Guide To The Rapture

The Rapture, otherwise known as the point where all the world’s Christians get to go back to heaven and hang with Jesus, is scheduled to take place today. The world is set to open up in a giant hole right near New Zealand and eventually swallow up everyone except those good souls who have been listening to radio broadcaster and bible enthusaist Harold Camping over the years. This whole scenario probably (very) unlikely, but in case it isn’t, how are you going to celebrate your last hours on Earth? With some killer, appropriately-themed jams, of course. Instead of preparing ourselves, we’ve been compiling a play list for you. You can thank us in the buffet line in heaven:

Blondie – ‘Rapture’: Because if Debbie Harry isn’t up there, we’re going straight back to hell.

Iio – ‘Rapture’: Because in the next life, Euro-pop will be the dominant form of prayer.

Ben Lee – ‘Love Me Like The World Is Ending’: Because in God’s eyes, there’s no such thing as bad taste in music.

Linkin Park – ‘In The End’: Because Chester Bennington has already perfected the art of walking into the light.

The Rapture – ‘ Get Myself Into It’: Because it’s going to be a long flight.

If you’re in New Zealand, tell us what to pack, yeah?

Peace out.