Pedestrian’s Brand New One Love Mobile Disco Ad

As you all know, before we found our place in the crazy world of the interwebs, Pedestrian cut its teeth by making videos. Our latest offering is a an ad for Melbourne based club kings One Love and it also comes with a pretty funny story.

So it’s one hour before the shoot and everything looks peachy (a rarity) when the couple we enlisted for the spot call us from the hospital. The guy, who could barely talk, was getting stitches in his face on the count of a flying iron. The girl, who was angry for some unknown reason, threw it at his head.

After much pleading they both agreed to proceed with the shoot even though A) Old mate looked like he just got back from Wolf Creek and B) They temporarily hated the shit out of each other. We then made them make out in a car for a few hours which we like to think sparked their happy reunion. Keep that in mind when you watch the video below…