You always wonder what pop culture events you will live to experience in this crazy world we live in. My father often reflects on the day John Lennon died. Today the world woke to The King of Pop. Dead.

Mixed emotions ran through PEDESTRIAN HQ. In memory of the man who inspired so many, take a trip down memory lane with Pedestrian’s favourite MJ Videos & Add your favourite to the comments;

This is one of my favourite;

From Seb our Sales Manager;
I can’t quite seem to put in words what Michael Jackson means to me.

When his †Bad’ album was released in 1987 I was 8 years old and living in New-York at the time: it marked one of my earliest memories of a genuine connection with music.

The eighties was an exhilarating time of carefree prosperity in the U.S.: with Ronald Reagan ruling with supreme optimism as the wall of Berlin came down, it was a decade that spawned Pacman, Rubik’s Cubes, Reebok Pumps, the Walkman, Nintendo, Transformers, Knight Rider, Mr T and Madonna.

‘Boom-boxes’ (or ‘ghetto-blasters’ as they were referred to in the UK) were all the rage and I distinctly remember playing the cassette tape my Mom had bought me, pouring over the photos and annotations in the inlay, fantasising of being sat on my dad’s shoulders amongst a sea of wavering lighters at a Michael Jackson concert.

For many of my elders who had grown up through the sixties and seventies, Michael Jackson had already connected with past generations with his solo †Off The Wall’ and †Thriller’ albums, and even prior with his family in Jackson 5, but for me †Bad’ was the soundtrack of my childhood.

Looking back one might laugh but practising his moves was no joke: I remember showing off my ‘Moonwalk’ at birthday parties and in the corridors of school in between classes.

In the nineties I was disappointed with his output when ‘Dangerous’ was released – but by that time I was securely and comfortably locked in the heyday and nostalgia of his music that had inspired me so much, and continues to do so.

The connection I feel towards Michael Jackson is so deep and intrinsic that I’d refused to concede to the media and tabloids regarding the controversy that he caused in latter years – preferring to keep an untainted and pristine vision of the man who’d inspired and touched me so deeply over the years with his music.

Michael Jackson’s talent and music took an immortal life and identity of their own; the impact he had on the ages supersedes mortality, and that’s why his legend will live on.

‘If they say, why, why? Tell ’em that is human nature’.

Ben – Michael Jackson

Jackson five-Blame it on the boogie

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Michael Jackson-Human Nature (FULL MUSIC VIDEO)

Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror (Moonwalker Version)

From Kimmi;
Michael J, you are the one who will dance on the floor in the round
R.I.P 1958 – 2009

From Chris
@MJ. Thanks for the music. I would love to say that “Off the Wall” was the first CD i ever bought but it was actually “Dangerous”. MJ could sing/dance/write better than anyone to ever (moon)walk the face of the planet (n.b the Beatles didn’t dance)