Pedestrian And FBi Present “Fools Rush In”

Did you hear, Sydney? This week our tireless pals at FBi Radio launch a Kings Cross pop up venue. Should be fun. Especially since we’ve been asked to curate a night, Fools Rush In, next Friday April 1st. Ominous date but don’t even worry about it, there won’t be any April Fools funny business. Just a bunch of our friends moonlighting as DJs (over 20 actually), spinning micro sets of whatever they want. Also note that this is a subscribers only party so to ensure free entry (entry at all actually) RSVP here.

Lineup is as follows: Purple Sneakers DJ’s, Chris Taylor from The Chaser, Catcall and Sweetie, Radge, Gus Da Hoodrat, Gay Bash DJs, Bad Ezzy, Season Of Sneakers, Lewis McKirdy & Tom Tilley, Hobo Gestapo DJs, Future Classic DJs, Steph Carta, Daimon Downey & Chugga, DJ Husband Material (Polaroids Of Androids), Lunch Money, Brooke Jackson, Krystal Ford & Anna Vitali and more.

Action takes place at FBi Social (Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel) from 8pm, April 1st.

Check out FBi Social’s full run of events here. They’ve done a spectacular job.