Peach PRC Went In On Her Shitty Ex Josh In Her Major Label Debut & Didn’t Even Change His Name

Peach PRC's major label debut single Josh

Musician and TikTok star Peach PRC has dropped her long-awaited debut major label single, Josh, and hoo boy, does it capture something too real about dating in the roaring ’20s.

I think maybe you’re lost. I’m exhausted always cutting you off. Stop calling me, Josh,” she sings in the chorus.

“And I don’t want to talk when you’re knocking off drunk at 4 o’clock. I thought you were blocked,” she adds.

Fuck off, stop calling me, Josh.”

This is the tune for the last three days of summer. And all of spring.

Check the lyric video here, featuring cartoon Peach PRC texting Josh on a retro pink flip phone.

It’s an empowered response to a shitty, obsessive ex, who keeps trying to get back together with her.

She calls out his obvious failings, like the way the “entrepreneur clown” still doesn’t dress himself, spends too much money on rack and gambling and has a violent streak.

I think you’re kinda narcissistic. You should see a therapist,” Peach PRC offers in the second verse, a little bit of advice we should all take on.

Basically, it’s incisive and extremely specific, a breakup FU we all wish we’d had the courage to write.

A high point? Peach PRC pointing out that Josh is absolutely going to hear this song on a playlist. “And all the girls who dated Josh will sing along.”

The track even appears to open with Peach going “Fuck it!” about changing the name of her ex for the track.

He’s gonna kill me. I said I’d change it to John,” she laughs.

And it is true that her ex’s name is actually Josh.

“It’s very special to me, because it captured a real moment,” Peach PRC said of the release. “I was a bit down when I was writing one day.

“My ex, Josh, kept calling me over and over again. He called all of the time, because he was trying to get back with me. I thought I had blocked him though. Since he didn’t stop bothering me, I wrote the song about him. It’s a true story, but it’s still meant to be fun and colourful.”

The release of Josh coincides with the announcement that she had been signed to Island Records Australia and Republic Records in the US.

“Peach PRC is an artist who holds nothing back, telling stories online and through her music that are both hyper-specific and widely relatable,” said Island Records A&R, Ally Cole to The Music Network.

“She’s an incredible songwriter and vocalist, has built up a huge social community around her, and pulls off the colour pink like no one else.”


♬ Josh – Peach PRC

Last week, Peach wrote on Instagram about the upcoming release of Josh.

“GUESS WHATS FINALLY ABOUT TO DROP!!! JOOSSSHHH!!! AAAA IM SCREAMING you’ve all been so so patient with me while i’ve been working on new music and now it’s only 11 DAYS AWAY ???????????? ,” she wrote. “IM SO EXCITED.” 

Peach PRC independently released two more tracks of “girly camp pop” about Gen Z relationships that you can stream on Spotify, 2019’s Blondes and 2020’s Colourblind.

If you want to hear a little bit of insight into Peach PRC, she talked candidly about mental health, sexuality and sex work as a guest on Abbie Chatfield‘s podcast, It’s A Lot, earlier this month. Listen here.