Paul ‘The Modfather’ Weller Is Engaged – To A Youth

Paul Weller, the front man of supreme 70s and 80s bands The Jam and The Style Council, is one of the most fabulous and stylish men in rock music history – and at he has just gotten engaged: to his self-proclaimed ‘soulmate’ Hannah Andrews, a 24-year-old lady who is less than half his age.

I’m sceptical – especially after Ronnie Wood’s recent (failed) escapades with a 20-something gal – but Weller must have anticipated our scorn because he told an interviewer: “Because she’s so much younger than me, the press was all, it’s a midlife crisis – “Wrinkly Rocker”, “Mutton dressed up as ram” “Old enough to be her Modfather”. But it isn’t like that. We’re really in love and that’s that.”

Alright then.

Via The Daily Mail