Papa Roach Want Your Shitty Band To Open For Them (Yes, Specifically Yours)

The moment is finally here. The day you’ve been dreaming of ever since you played your first power chord on the $50 3/4-size made-in-Chechnya Strat knockoff that your parents got you for Christmas when you were 10. You’ve finally been given the chance to open for Papa Roach.

Yes, the band that I can only describe as the nu-metal of nu-metal are doing their first ever headline tour of Australia and guess bloody what – they want you as the support act. Well, maybe you.

The band is touring the country later in the month and, according to Music Feeds, they want to help boost the standing of whatever it is you’re doing with your mates in your garage. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix (what a name) says they know what it’s like to struggle and they want to do what they can:

We know what it’s like to work hard for our dreams. Help us spread the word cause we want to give you a leg up on the music industry ladder.

It’s a pretty snappy turnaround, with a January 15 cutoff for submissions. They’re after “rock, indie, punk [and] alternative” bands, in addition to DJs to “spin tunes during the show“, so jump on in if the shoe fits.

If you’re keen, chuck ’em an email at with a song, a video, a list of your influences in the aforementioned genres, and which shows you want to play. Get amongst it.

I’d also like to remind you that Papa Roach featured on a Black Eyed Peas song on their 2003 album Elephunk. What a wild, strange time.