Panic! At The Disco Fans Receive ~Mystery Potatoes~ In Mail Because Reasons

In news that will delight every one of you who thought top hats were the height of fashurrn in the mid-’00s/argued endlessly over which Panic! at the Disco boy, Ryan Ross or Brendon Urie, was the hottest (A: Urie), the band appear to be sending their super fans potatoes in the mail because it is 2018 and marketing is a wild, wild world.

I can’t speak for you – maybe you didn’t set a Year Eight rhythmic gymnastics routine to songs from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, wear thick kohl eyeliner every day, make a P!atD bae your avatar on an online platform to not very subtly disguise your thirst – but I reckon this news is great, not so much because Urie’s solo output is still worth listening to (I mean, it’s fine?), but because there is something delightfully (un)cooked about using spuds as promotional material.

The tater gag seems to link back to the unveiling last month of the video clip for ‘Say Amen (Saturday Night)‘, the first single from Urie’s upcoming record Pray for the Wicked. In the heaps violent clip, which is introduced by a news report of a stolen Mayan artefact worth $100-mill from the Melbourne Museum – does that mean it’s set in Australia??? – Urie straight-up murders a whole legion of dudes trying to invade his house and steal the artefact, without getting any blood on his real nice suit. Oh, and at one point he pulls an entire potato out of the oven with tongs, which one of the dudes plunges a knife through – so Urie redirects ol’ potato-knife into the guy’s face. Brutal.

There’s more to it than all of that but I’m not going to spoil it: let me just say boy howdy, there really is a lot to unpack here:

So now that we know that this song exists, it goes some way to explaining why a series of people have been receiving spuds from, who legitimately specialise in sending potatoes and glitter bombs, featuring custom, anonymous messages, to people all over the world. What a business model.

The spuds have been decorated with pics of Urie, P!atD song lyrics, and symbols and imagery some eagle-eyed observers spotted in the above clip.

Urie has not yet said anything concrete about the spud onslaught, neither confirming nor denying that Panic! at the Disco is responsible. But he totally is, right? Like, surely?