If you ever considered yourself “non-conforming as can be” during your teen years, you probably listened to a fair amount of Panic! at the Disco. Their 2005 debut A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out remains an emo classic and stirs up a lot of feelings in those of us who had incredibly long fringes and the conviction that we were but misunderstood narrators, and this – our teen lives – was just the prologue. (I AM SORRY).

Mostly those feelings are a sense of nostalgia for you know, that part of our lives when we didn’t have jobs but still had plenty of money for black nail polish and bright-coloured skinny jeans ‘n hair dye, and a strange warmth in our loins because the thirst, it is real, Brendon Urie only becomes more of a hunk every day.

That hunk of spunk is heading back down to Australia after last year’s sell-out Death of a Bachelor tour this October to show off his sixth record, Pray for the Wicked, set for release next Friday, June 22. The album apparently draws on his experience playing the lead in the musical Kinky Boots on Broadway last year, which defs piques our interest, as does the pretty straight-to-the-point pop of its first singles, including ‘High Hopes‘, which dropped at the end of last month.

Panic! at the Disco are due to play an arena show each in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, drawing on songs from their whole genre-spanning discography, from their sultry, wordy emo period to that ’60s-style jangly pop homage era to the pop-punk, electro-pop, pop-pop-pop of his later work. The songs you know? He’ll probably play ’em. Is this an OG line-up reunion tour featuring Ryan Ross where they play their first album in full? No, but that’s okay!

And we will a hundo percent see you there, because obvs when Urie and I lock eyes, we’ll fall in love immediately and live happily ever after, right? Right.

Tickets go on sale June 22 through Frontier Touring. It certainly is ‘Time to Dance‘.

Saturday October 6, Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
Tuesday October 9, AEC Theatre, Adelaide
Thursday October 11, Riverstage, Brisbane
Saturday October 13, Hisense Arena, Melbourne

Image: Supplied