Get out your best rhinestone cowboy hat and leopard print bodysuit with matching trench and boots, because we’ve got a real yee-haw situation on our hands here. Orville Peck has done a full-blown duet with Shania Twain and it’s honest to God the kind of energy I need to sustain me through the last month of winter.

Orville Peck – the masked cowboy with dulcet tones, an incredible sense of style and who once supported your boy Harry Styles – dropped his Show Pony EP today, and nestled in there is the duet with the undisputed queen of modern country-pop (do not argue with me on this). It’s very aptly named Legends Never Die, and it’s a perfect piece of music that has genuinely made my lockdown Friday so much better.

And you better believe the video clip (dropped like, an hour ago) is just as iconic as the song.


The leopard print, the bejewelled pants under Orville’s leather chaps, the rainbow flames up that personalised Orville jacket – literally everything about this is a total vision, and I cannot stop hitting replay over and over.


Legends Never Die could legitimately be on Shania’s 1997 album Come On Over alongside huge bangers like Man! I Feel Like A Woman and That Don’t Impress Me Much and I wouldn’t contest it.

It’s pure, unadulterated fun country-pop music that has turned me – a person who once proclaimed she’d never be into country music – into someone who’s now wondering where the fuck she can get her hands on some rhinestone-encrusted spurs and a big ol’ Stetson.


And somehow Orville Peck has made the whole thing even bloody better with a bunch of cameos from queer and gender diverse artists and friends, like Miss TotoEvilJohn Waters, and RuPaul’s Drag Race queen supreme Jaida Essence Hall.

Happy Friday, and a big yee-haw to you too, Orville. May you forever ask life’s biggest questions.

Image: YouTube / Orville Peck