Open Studio Kicks Off Monday, Meet The Talented Humans Who Are Going To Be Involved

This coming Monday we will finally be hitting the record button on Open Studio presented by Ben Sherman, in our lush custom built studio set up in Ben Sherman‘s Sydney Arcade store. The list of ‘sounds to be laid down’ may or may not include: vocals, sax, harmonica, a human orgasm, tap dancing and the contented sighs from the boys of Art vs Science as they sit back and watch us possibly bastardise their next musical release ¯_(“~)_/¯.

Sliding the faders and pressing buttons will be your new mate, Jean-Paul Fung, the all round Funguy and noted Writer/Producer/Mixer who has helped out the likes of Jet, Little Red, Last Dinosaurs, Jinja Safari, Papa vs Pretty and Jack Ladder. JPF will be on hand to ensure our rag-tag band of 60+ *hopefully* talented contributors sound like your new favourite song.

Without further adieu, here is a handful of chosen contributors/people who will now be able to say “dude, I’m in the band”:

  • Tara Simmons and Jeremy Neale who we’re flying down from Brisbane thanks to this little comp,
  • Sarsha Simone, James Buckingham, Anna Buckingham and Darren Morilla on vocals,
  • Ben McDermott and Josh Moriarty with some face-melting axe work,
  • Imogen Jones, Camilla Corbett and Roxanne on the strings,
  • Ben Seidman, Andrew Kimber and Jhube Veradio making up our brass section,
  • Alice Gordon and Erin Moore will be bringing in their tap shoes,
  • Vito Cavarretta will chime in with some bells,
  • Daniel Clarke will play the blues on his harmonica,
  • Michael Stonham has offered to bring the beats via his mouth, and
  • Brian McNamara is planning on providing ALL the futuristic sounding devices.

In addition, we’ve enlisted 40+ other contributors PLUS a few secret bands to provide a gaggle of hand claps, knee slaps, kazoo solos and other valuable sound tidbits.

If you’re keen to see the potential musical shitstorm live, don’t forget to pop by the Ben Sherman store in Sydney Arcade from Monday 17 to Friday 21 February or check out the live stream during the week at