It has been a truly wild day in music news, we’ve had Taylor Swift drop a surprise album, Kanye West teased a potential album drop that never happened, and now #InfinityLeaked is trending on Twitter, leading One Direction fans to believe that the long-awaited video had finally been, you guessed it, leaked.

But… it hasn’t.

Twitter has absolutely blown up thanks to the #infinityleaked hashtag, which has helped to circulate a screenshot of the music video that is allegedly on YouTube right now. But in news that I still can’t quite comprehend, it’s all… a hoax?

Granted, I was never a 1D fan (a directioner? idk) so I’m not exactly up with the hot goss, but apparently this is all a ploy to scare the band? I can only assume it’s a ploy to get them to leak their own video, which is flawed on so many levels. But hey, props to 1D fans for trying.

The screenshot of the video, which looks it was taken straight out of a-ha’s beloved Take On Me music video, doesn’t actually exist. It’s all a bloody good Photoshop job.

Despite seemingly knowing that it’s all a big ol’ hoax, fans are boasting about the non-existent video’s immediate success.

If you’re confused as all hell right now, you’re not alone. This is me right now trying to decipher what the heck is actually happening.


Assuming the plan here is to scare the band into actually releasing the video that was apparently leaked, One Direction fans seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the music industry works.

Imagine this… You’re Harry Styles, you’re sitting at home in some outrageously funky pants, drinking a cocktail and just being the fabulous man you are. You look down at your phone and see #infinityleaked trending on Twitter. INSTANTLY, without verifying the validity of the alleged leak, you *obviously* just post the damn video yourself. 

At this point, I’d be surprised if any of the band members even had access to their own YouTube account. Surely, SURELY those accounts are locked up safely in a vault somewhere that only Columbia Records has access to.

It has been a whole damn decade since One Direction first bust onto the scene and I still have no fucking idea what these stans are doing. Regardless, we simply must stan the dedication.

Image: One Direction / Twitter