Oh Shit, Kirin J Callinan’s Got Jimmy Fkn Barnes In New Vid ‘Big Enough’

Kirin J Callinan is not shy of making an epic clip, and his new album Bravado is providing the perfect platform from which he can swan-dive into some of the wildest and imaginative clips I’ve seen this year.

Take ‘S.A.D. (Song About Drugs)’ for example – Kirin’s running around in Cuba, dancing on top of buses and wearing a very interesting pair of elephant togs in a spring.

His latest release ‘Big Enough’ is like Man From Snowy River meets Brokeback Mountain meets literally any spaghetti western you can think of. Kirin is dressed to the nines in cowboy attire, an aesthetic that he’s been riding on for some time now and I can do nothing but admire.

The best thing about this video is the guests the song – and the video – features. Alex Cameron comes onboard with vocals and just as eccentric vibes as Kirin – the dusty Clint Eastwood to Kirin’s snow-dusted stockman. Renowned Australian whistler Molly Lewis lends her theremin-like pipes to tie the track together, too.

The real kicker – Jimmy Barnes. He appears in in the sky like some kind of mentoring spirit to the two cowboys, like Mufasa to Simba, giving his iconic scream to the track’s instrumental bridges. Out-fuckin’-standing.

Check out the vid below, and make sure you watch it with the volume turned right up.