Oh NBD, Just Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard Shredding Guitar On Mac DeMarco

Ever get one of those really weird moments when two completely isolated interests of yours converge in weird ways? Sometimes it’s finding out that Chelsea Wolfe has the same favourite musical as you (‘The American Astronaut‘, please watch it) or it’s seeing this picture of Oprah drinking a tinnie of VB:
G’day legends.

This is also how I feel about Mac DeMarco being mates with Finn Wolfhard. Wolfhard, who you might know from either having a devastatingly badass name or from playing Mike Wheeler in ‘Stranger Things‘, came to DeMarco’s attention last year when he posted a very chipper cover of the track ‘Salad Days‘ to Twitter.

Now Wolfhard has been given the opportunity to live out a very specific fantasy I’ve had since around 2012, namely: joining Mac DeMarco on stage to play guitar and getting to ride on his shoulders (it’s probably time for me to admit I’m too big for the second one).
Wolfhard (as well as Natalie Dyer, who played Nancy, and Joe Keery, who played Steve) jumped on stage as the band closed with ‘Together‘ at a show in Atlanta.
Look at the little motherfucker go (I’m not jealous at all):

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And here’s the man who played everyone’s favourite jock taking a big running leap into the crowd:

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And, lastly, take a look at this absolutely adorable shit:
You can watch some footage of all of these shenanigans shot from within the crowd right here:
Source: YouTube.
Photo: Instagram / Finn Wolfhard.