OH MY! Is Coming – Kavinsky, Peaches and More

“Super Clubs” get a bad wrap. The mere mention of the term evokes a soulless cavern filled with weekend warriors, rohypnol wielding douche bags and podium divas. Shudder. Thankfully Home Nightclub’s OH MY! launching September 4th (and every Friday thereafter) looks set to break the mold and make clubbing with the masses fun again.

Their opening night sees French Knight Rider Kavinsky man the decks, with Sharam Jey, Peaches and Knife Machine to follow in the weeks after. Fortunately for the nomadic clubbers of Sydney the OH MY! posse promise Grade-A acts from all over the world every – single – week – so get reacquainted with Home because come September 4th it just may become that.

Check out their teaser video below…

OH MY! – The Official Trailer // Home – The Venue from Diego on Vimeo.