M8s, we have very sad news: your friends and ours, Tegan and Sara, have just canned their Aussie / NZ tour due to health concerns.

That obviously includes their planned performance at the official after-party of this weekend’s Sydney’s Mardi Gras, alongside our *other* fave twins The Veronicas, which is a real bloody bummer.

Nothing Is Awesome: Tegan And Sara Just Canned Their Aussie Tour

Tegan Quin‘s acting on the advice of her doctor, who recommended she let her voice rest after falling extremely ill on the final days of their hectic European tour to “ensure I don’t do longer-term damage to my singing voice and health.”

“I became very ill on the final days of our European tour in February, and even while taking antibiotics and steroids, I still lost my voice completely,” she explained in a statement. “After a second round of antibiotics and steroids upon returning home last week, I still have not recovered my voice or received a clean bill of health.”

She went on to express hers and sis Sara’s bitter disappointment at having to cancel so last minute, apologising to support acts Theia, Bec Sandridge and Montaigne.

“It is a point of pride that we always follow through with our commitments, and in 17 years of touring I can count on one hand the number of shows we’ve had to cancel. I send our deep apologies to our fans, our team in Australia and New Zealand, as well as our promoters. To fans who have made travel plans and those who will be disappointed to hear this news, please know that we will be missing you all this coming week and promise to make it up to you soon. To our support acts – Theia, Bec Sandridge, and Montaigne – we are truly sorry to not be able to share the stage with you.”

Ticket-holders will receive an automatic full refund to their original payment method within 3-5 business days.

Brb, crying.

Photo: Christaan Felber / Rolling Stone.