SWEET FANTASY: Mariah Carey Is Touring Her Greatest Hits In AUS Next Year


It’s ok. Everything’s fine. Remain calm. Move slowly towards your wallets and prepare to empty them in an orderly fashion.

Any self-respecting list of the consensus greatest albums of all time has Mariah Carey‘s greatest hits compilation ‘#1s to Infinity‘ sitting at about 2 or 3, comfortably well above gutter trash like ‘Pet Sounds‘ or ‘Zeppelin IV‘ (for what it’s worth the greatest album ever recorded is Carly Rae Jepsen‘s Polaris Music Award-shortlisted 2015 album ‘E•MO•TION‘ do not even think about @ing me about this).

The enduring and all-powerful queen of pop, Carey’s powerhouse dominance of the mid-late 90s is something you’re never likely to see again in musical history, notable for the sheer volume of stone cold hits produced during that time.

Carey, the GOAT, adapted the entire insanely popular greatest hits compilation into a glittering Las Vegas residency, running from May 2015 until July of this year, in which she ran through all 18 (EIGHTEEN) of her #1 hit tunes in chronological order.

Well GOD DAMN hold onto your butts folks, because apparently Mimi isn’t done with the show yet.

A short time ago, Mariah announced the ‘#1s Tour‘ will be hitting up both Australia and New Zealand in February. Holy. Freakin’. Shite.

We have literally no more information regarding cities or dates and the like at the moment, but what we do know is that pre-sale tickets for the shows will go on-sale via Carey’s fan club at 9am on October 17th.

You can sign up for the pre-sale via this link.

Get ready, Australia. The Queen is coming back.