As is custom and tradition of Like A Version performances during Aus Music Month, Northlane has stepped up to the stage and effectively blown apart the ABC studios with a cover of The Vines‘ equally-as-powerful track ‘Get Free’.

Let this one gently rouse you from your slumber by blasting you backwards into last Wednesday.

The Sydney five-piece somehow, with all their magic and powerful ways, took an already-ferocious and frantic song and made it heavier, and also somehow created this background fuzz that sounds like a swarm of approaching bees. I’ll admit I don’t know the technical stuff around this but it sounds tight as hell.

I mean the only way that this could have been more of a pummelling cover would be if they had thrown in a sludgy breakdown right in the middle of it.

Look, everything about this cover is illegal at how fantastic it is. It’s getting me all hyped up for the weekend, which is already insanely hyped by the news that My Chemical Romance is reforming for a one-off show in December. I truly don’t know how much more I can take at this point.

Enough fart-arsing around, check out the cover below, and if you like what you hear then check out the huge performance Northlane did of their own single, 4D, which they flattened the studio with in the same set.

Imagine playing this back-to-back with Denzel Curry‘s Bulls On Parade? Fucken hell it’d reduce me to dust in about ten seconds flat.

Image: YouTube / Triple J