As you’re probably aware, Nick Zinner isn’t just the Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist, he’s also a pretty gnarly photographer and he has also produced a series of art/photography/poetry books with fellow New Yorkers Zachary lipez and Stacy Wakefield: No Seats on the Party Car, Slept in Beds, and I Hope You Are All Happy Now.

Their latest creative collaboration is Please Take Me Off The Guest List, a series of Lipez’s biting and very funny essays about big city life as a writer-singer-bartender, with Nick’s narrative documentary-style photographs, edited and designed by Wakefield.

It comes out in October, but if you order it now the publisher Akashic Books is throwing in some super sweet limited edition extras:

1) One advance copy of PLEASE TAKE ME OFF THE GUEST LIST, SIGNED by Nick Zinner, Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield.

2) A limited 7″ recording of musical interpretations by Nick Zinner, Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield in collaboration with three different bands. The 7″ is bound in a handmade and individually numbered poster sleeve, which also contains an original story by Zachary Lipez (not included in PLEASE TAKE ME OFF THE GUEST LIST), entitled “My Romantic Competition Among the Stalwarts of the Goth and Cold Wave and New Music Community.”

3) An original SIGNED photograph by Nick Zinner. Each photograph is a random outtake from his personal collection of 4×6 drugstore prints.

**The 7″ and numbered sleeve, along with the signed drugstore prints by Nick Zinner, are EXCLUSIVE TO THIS PREORDER AND WILL NOT BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ANYWHERE ELSE.**

That oughta make you feel special – if not give you something to hock on ebay. Hurrah!

Pre-order it now.