If you followed Nick Cave’s Twitter Q & A, you’d be aware that Nick Cave really hates Twitter. And he’s not too fond of your shitty questions either.
“Whatever it is I’ve been roped into doing, I’m starting now,” Cave reluctantly declared as he opened up the floor to fans as part of a promotional exercise for Push the Sky Away, his 15th album with the Bad Seeds. Never one to suffer fools, Cave made his utter disdain for the whole exercise clear before answering questions with his usual acerbic wit. Viciously cutting down fans posing inadequate questions, Cave also opened up on what it’s like to work with Warren Ellis, why Grinderman fucking rule, and why you should get all your hardcore drug taking out of he way while you’re young.
It’s all excellent but here are our favourite responses.  

Check out the excellent John Hillcoat directed clip for Jubilee St: