NICE: FBi’s 2016 Award Noms Show Off Beauty Of Oz Music’s Diversity

The noms for the 2016 FBi Sydney Music Arts & Culture Awards (you prob know ’em as the SMAC Awards) have been announced and boy howdy do we have a motza of real talented humans in our backyards.
Leading the pack for Best Album we have up-and-comer with a voice of literal fkn velvet Julia Jacklin, excellent hip-hop artist who spits about racism and prejudice L-Fresh The Lion, actual angel Marcus Whale, head mischief-maker Ribongia, Leisure Coast kings Shining Bird, and collector of sounds & memories Rainbow Chan.
The goodness keeps on coming with the nominations for Best Live Act being headed up by Extremely Important Band, Dispossessed, who work tirelessly for the the rights of Indigenous and First Nations people, progressive hip-hop emcee from Sydney, B Wise, ‘ever-evolving’ artist from Sydney via Papua New Guinea, Ngaiire, (with Marcus Whale and Rainbow Chan back in again for a second gong).

B Wise is up for Best Live Act. (Photo: Satsuki Minoda.)

If you haven’t sussed this stellar bunch out, I highly recommend it. They’re representing a really bloody wide range of communities in Australia, and showing off the fact that our music industry is not just a bunch of Kylie Minogues.
The important thing is that nobody’s gunna win unless you, the punters, chuck your votes in the big metaphorical hat. So toddle off over to FBi, suss out all the very deserving nominations, and make your vote count.
Image: Amy Hanrahan/Facebook.