New Video Bloc Party Vs. Villains

The first video from Bloc Party’s “Intimacy Remixed” LP was for Armand Van Helden’s remix of “Signs” – an eyebrow raiser (among other things) which combined anatomically questionable teeth placement with a Basic Instinct moment. Thankfully for the easily offended, Bloc Party’s second remix video is a far tamer affair.

Shot over two nights at London’s Olympia by fans with mobile phones, Villains remix of “Ares” with its dipping synths and penchant for handclaps and cowbell has “certified banger” written all over it. An appropriately hedonistic backing for Kele’s plea to “get fucked up” and one that takes me back all the way to 2005. A time when a dance song’s merit was directly proportional to its level of compression. Ahh life was so much easier back then…