New Passion Pit Video – “To Kingdom Come”

Passion Pit’s exuberant brand of synth-pop is so unashamedly optimistic it makes me sick. Don’t they know there’s a Global Financial Crisis going on? Haven’t they heard of Swine Flu? Were they not informed of Michael Jackson’s untimely death? Aren’t they aware of that new reality show that mixes The Biggest Loser with So You Think You Can Dance? For God’s sake Passion Pit, the modern world ain’t all sunshine and lollipops.

We’re exaggerating a touch above but it is easy to get cynical about Passion Pit’s quirky electro-tinged power pop. It’s just so damn optimistic with the sunny disposition, squeaky vocals that oscillate between manic and life-affirming and of course those brain penetrating keyboards powered solely by rainbows, young love and puppy’s smiles. But hey, if anything momentarily distracts me from those mounting credit card bills I’ll take all the happy I can get. Plus it’s catchy as all hell and the video features mad scientists so double win for us. Spend four minutes with the catchiest, happiest band on the planet below…

Via Stereogum

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty