New Music Festival Caters To Fans Of Emerging Aussie Artists And Paradise

A new music festival with an all-Australian bent has been launched today with a fantastic lineup and an ethos we can really get behind. Paradise is dedicated to celebrating Australia’s most exciting emerging music talent with a most auspicious name inspired by its location: Lake Mountain Alpine Resort near Marysville, situated amidst the glorious Victorian alpine forest with overlooking views of the Victorian Alps and Great Dividing Range. Who’s keen for a road trip?

Paradise will run across three days and two nights from November 29th to December 1st and the inaugural jam-fest boasts an incredible range of talent including Glass Towers, Elizabeth Rose, Millions, Donny Benét and a whole heap of other crucial tune purveyors which you can peruse below.

Tickets are on sale Thursday 12 September via the Paradise website and are a steal with prices ranging from $88.00 for an event-only ticket to $116.00 for an event ticket plus on-site camping.

Paradise 2013 lineup:
Glass Towers, Elizabeth Rose, Millions, Oisima, Naysayer & Gilsun (DJ SET), Client Liaison, Albert Salt, Alta, Animaux, B.O.O.M.A, Dark Arts, Darts, david, DEER, DEJA, Donny Benét, Electric Sea Spider, Forces, friendships, Glass Mirrors, GodWolf, Hollow Everdaze, House of Laurence, Hug Therapist, I’lls, Kate Martin, Leaks, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, Michael Ozone, Mu-gen, Naminé, NO ZU, OSKR, Planète, Post Percy, SILENTJAY, SOCCER LEGENDS, Squarehead, The Demon Parade, The Getaway Plan, The McQueens, The Red Lights, The Supporters,Them Swoops, Wafia