New Fever Ray Video – “Seven”

Fever Ray have a knack for releasing creepy videos but this one for “Seven” makes the others look like Wiggles outtakes. I won’t even pretend I’m not creeped out by it – because I am. I’d throw the term semi-disturbed out there and not in the hilarious way Two Girls One Cup was semi-disturbing, I’m talking about the nightmare inducing but oddly beautiful strand of semi-disturbing. Come to think of it, that’s a pretty apt description of Fever Ray’s music in general.

It’s strange, upon watching the clip for “Seven” one fears it may be prophetic. It’s not hard to imagine Karin Dreijer Andersson as a a bat-shit crazy cat lady in her seventies and I say that because you have to be bat shit crazy to concoct music so transcendent. Of course in Fever Ray’s World crazy old ladies hoard bovine instead of cats and wear shimmering couture instead of hessian sacks but the craziness remains the same. There’s even hairy-faced shaman looming over your shoulder to keep the crazy vibes to a minimum.