New Empire Of The Sun Video – “Half Mast”

Directed by Nash Edgerton and starring Australian actress Teresa Palmer, the new video for Empire Of The Sun’s “Half Mast” channels the classic “we break up, then we make up” dance of doom that most couples inevitably go through.

Except instead of a needy dude in a hoody arguing with a girl that’s slightly too good looking for him, it’s a Shanghai butcher from the year 3030 trying to convince his dominatrix princess to think this shit though and remember the good times – like that night they went hunting for Unobtanium but got lost in the Delta Quadrant and stayed up all night listening to David Bowie records instead.

After some resilient could shoulder action our Princess inevitably reconciles with our Prince, after which, we can only assume, they proceed to visit the nearest hardware store in search of a suitable drill to remove their breastplates with. You know, love is universal like that.