CSS are fun again!

“I’m jump up on the table and dance my ass off ’til I die”

The most cheesy CSS line ever? Probably but that’s why we like CSS right?

Even though they hate us stamping them with the FUN tag, they can’t escape it. The latest video for “Left Behind” has them AKA Renata Abbade dancing around with glossy faces. Renata Abbade ain’t some new 7th member though, Renata is a director. When I say director I mean she doesn’t limit herself to that. Renata directed, produced, starred-in, danced, conceived and rocked those spooky masks all by herself, all to make this unofficial CSS video. A couple of sources are claiming this clip to now be official though. If it is, they will follow quite a few bands, most notably Interpol “My Chemistry”, to stamp the official tag all over the work of a keen fan.

Will free work save the dying music industry? Do you think bands will section off quarters of their albums to be produced by avid fans to cut costs and studio time?

Renata’s site.