New Clips: MIA, Tegan & Sara, Slayer, Ratatat

Good things come in bulk like laundry, copy paper and music videos. Check out new stuff from MIA, Tegan & Sarah, UNKLE and gratuitous fan out of Slayer playing live on Fallon, to champion their forthcoming Australian sojourn for Soundwave.

M.I.A. – “XXXO”
What happens when Diana Ross and ghetto fabulous and heaps of electro GIFs get together?

Ratatat – “Drugs”
This Ratatat promo video produced by Blink Art & Colonel Blimp been out for a month but is worth checking out. Remember that first time you had heaps of lols experimenting with Photo Booth on your new MacBook? That’s what this is like. Or like that time the third tab kicked in while you were sneaking into your parents house at 3am and they woke up and starting giving you a lecture about your loose behaviour while you quietly tried not to panic / kill them.

UNKLE – “The Answer”
Unkle are responsible for some of the greatest music videos ever. John Hillcoat directs professional hard c$nt Ray Winstone reminiscing on the years past.

Dungen – “Skit I Allt”
Dungen released Ta Det Lugnt in 2004 an amazing record full of psychedelic Hendrix vibes. Their affinity with the 70s continues with the grainy home video-style footage in their latest clip. The new album gets released in September.

Slayer – “Hate Worldwide” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
To quote commenter errcycoo on youtube: jimmy fallon is a pussy, slayer scared that little bitch.

Slayer drop a box set next week that includes three concert DVDs.

Tegan & Sara – “Northshore”
One observation made about Tegan & Sara fans is that they really hate when people spell Sara with an H. In this video Tegan & Sara play “Northshore” in a room full of Tegan & Sara band merch which Tegan & Sara fans will find pleasing.

Northshore – Official Tegan and Sara Music Video

Tegan and SaraMySpace Music Videos

Title Image by Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty