New Chairlift and School of Seven Bells Videos

I’ve grouped these video together because I feel kind of dirty posting about Brooklyn three-pieces with bang sporting brunettes twice in one day…

School of Seven Bells – “Half Asleep”

Whoa, did I accidentally eat a bag of mushrooms before I came to work today? There must be some killer acid in Brooklyn because both these videos lean towards the psychedelic. “Half Asleep” mines the same shoegaze guitars + electronic textures + heart breakingly ethereal voices = dream pop formula they’ve perfected thus far. Perfectly mirroring the Deheza sisters’ voices is the clip itself: transient, blurred around the edges and just plain gorgeous. NYU film students making indie romance flicks just found their perfect soundtrack.

Chairlift – “Evident Utensil

The Apple approved Chairlift are yet to reach Feist-like ubiquity but if they keep churning out pop gems like this they’ll be all over “Sports Tonight” by their sophomore album. The accompanying video is either artfully trippy or my computer is lagging, I think it’s the former and I like it. What I don’t like is the guys vocal line, kill me now…

Via Pitchfork TV